Workshop on SBA:
Synergising the Human Brain and Artificial Neural Networks

April 26, 2024, Hybrid Workshop, Birmingham, UK



Understanding how the neuronal mechanisms support human cognition is a longstanding and challenging question. Inspired by human neural networks, artificial neural networks (ANNs) have shown remarkable progress across various fields. Recent studies have started to investigate the links between ANNs and the human brain, for visual processing. Likewise, human brain data is expected to inspire new developments in ANNs. In the longer term, we believe the investigation of this topic will provide a better understanding of how the human brain processes visual information. This knowledge could be instrumental in addressing differences in visual processing associated with neurodiversity such as dyslexia and ADHD. Furthermore, this could also contribute to the ongoing debate about what distinguishes the human brain from AI, for instance in the context of appreciating aesthetics.


The workshop will bring together experts from both neuroscience and computer science to discuss the latest developments and challenges in data processing and learning between the human brain and ANNs and develop a roadmap for advancing the science and applications.



Daniel MacSwayne, Cai Wingfield, Rebecca Ward, Rebecca Wycherley, Jessica Mylchreest, Emma J Robinson, et al.

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