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We are always looking for people with strong self-motivation, unusual creativity, and passion for hard problems!
If you share the same intetests and passion with us, please send your CV together with a short description (2 – 3 sentences) of your research interests to the above email address (with the keywords “[PhD/Postdoc/RA/Visitor/Collaboration application]” in your email subject).

Prospective PhD students #

Please apply via the University application system here, and mention the PI’s name on your application.
More detailed information (e.g. timeline, documents, funding, etc.) please refer to here.

Postdoc #

We have an opening for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position (with Dr Zeyu Fu from Exeter), on video understanding. Please drop me an email with your CV if you are interested!

From time to time, we have openings for postdocs, please reach out according to the above notes if you are interested.
Below are more opportunities:

Visitors/interns #

  • Birmingham UG and MSc students:
    We usually recruit students who have machine learning and computer vision relevant background knowledge and/or experience. To apply, please send email according to the above notes directly.

  • External visitors:
    We also welcome external visitors/interns with strong self-motivation and share the same research interests with us. To apply, please send email accoridng to the above notes.

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